Following the success of FipeZAP price indexes, DataZAP was born in 2015
aiming to provide innovative solutions to support decision making in real estate markets (building, investing, financing or trading).


DataZAP is part of the ZAP Group, created in 2018, from the merge of ZAP and VivaReal, with the mission to transform the way of doing business in the Brazilian real estate market through technology. In line with the ZAP Group objectives, DataZAP combines the analysis of the richest database in the industry with applied knowledge in economics and machine learning in a wide range of supply, demand and pricing services.
Pioneer in the development of Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), DataZap has statistical models for selling and rental prices covering over 100 cities. Resulting from advanced econometric techniques, DataZAP’s AVMs allow price estimates to vary according to the influence of property characteristics and location factors. Due to its accuracy and reliability, these tools are largely used by main players of real estate markets in Brazil, including some of the largest financial institutions in the country.


About Datazap

DataZAP uses two databases organically produced by the activities of the two largest property portals in Brazil, ZAP and Viva Real, which generate monthly 4million contacts from interested users for 7,5 million property adds, and receive 40 million visits.  From these portals, we gather detailed information on supply (adds) and demand (browsing, searches and leads) for properties all over Brazil. 


DataZAP has also access to the Geoimovel Platform, a ZAP Group company,which collects data on the features, location, and sales performance of new developments. Geoimovel currently has information of more than 56 thousand developments across 600 cities. To complement these databases we also have a dedicated team for designingand implementing stated preference research with a view to capturing idiosyncratic phenomena and market trends. Finally, we also use a variety of third-party databases (private and public).

Leadership and Management
Danilo Igliori,
Chief Economist at ZAP Group

PhD in Economics @ University of Cambridge.
B.A n Economics @ FEA-USP
Professor & Researcher @ University of Cambridge
Professor @ FEA-USP
Researcher @ NEREUS-USP
Former Senior Economist @ BTG Pactual

Eduardo Zylberstajn, Strategy

PhD in Economics @ FGV-SP

B.A in Production Engineering @ Poli-USP

Economist @ FIPE
Professor @ FGV-SP
Consultant @ World Bank Group

Sergio Castelani,
Chief Economist at DataZAP 

PhD in Economics @ FEA-USP

B.A in Economics @ FEA-USP

Professor @ PECE, Poli-USP
Economist @ FIPE
Researcher @ NEREUS-USP

Best doctoral thesis in Economics - Brazil (2015)

Coriolano Lacerda

Pós-graduação em Business Intelligence @ ESPM

Administração @ FMU

Quinze anos atuando com pesquisa e inteligência de mercado em incorporadoras, construtoras e imobiliárias

Econometrics & Data Science

Development of solutions and products based on statistical models, such as the AVM (Automated Valuation Model).

Sergio Castelani

PhD in Economics @ FEA-USP

B.A in Economics @ FEA-USP

Professor @ PECE, Poli-USP
Economist @ FIPE
Researcher @ NEREUS-USP

Best doctoral thesis in Economics - Brazil (2015)

Pedro Tenório

Master in Economics @ FEA-USP.

B.A in Economics @ FEA-USP.

Worked at LCA Consulting preparing demand studies the market intelligence unit

Mariangela Silva

B.A in Economics @ UFABC.

INFI-FEBRABAN Award for Banking Economics 2018 - 1st place in the Undergraduate thesis category

SINDECON-SP Award for best undergraduate student in the Economic Sciences course at UFABC

Behavioral Economics

Use of diverse data sources to produce analysis and content about cities and real estate markets.

Edivaldo Constantino

PhD in Economics @ FEA-USP.

B.A in Economics @ CCSA-UFPE.

Researcher @ NEREUS-USP

Visiting researcher @ McMaster University

Amanda Bueno

Graduate Degree in Marketing @ Anhembi Morumbi

B.A in Social Communication @ Unicsul

Three years of experience with primary research

Real Estate Consulting

Creation of Market studies and Consulting projects for real estate Market players.

Coriolano Lacerda

Graduation Degree in Business Intelligence @ ESPM

B.A in Administration @ FMU. Fifteen years working with market research and intelligence in the real estate industry.

Rodger Campos

PhD in Economics @ FEA-USP

B.A in Economics @ Mackenzie-SP

Professor @ IBMEC

Researcher @ NEREUS-USP

Visiting researcher @ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Consultant @ FIPE

Bruno Quito

B.A in Economics @ Mackenzie-SP

Almost ten years of experience in the areas of market intelligence and financial planning in real estate developments.

Talita Cruz

B.A in Geography (emphasis on Geoprocessing) @ UFSCar

More than five years of experience in the public and private sector with cartography, geoprocessing and GIS projects

Fabiana Passos

B.A in Advertising @UniBan

Three years of experience in the advertising market and five years in the real estate industry with market intelligence.

Abrahão Gomes

B.A in Advertising & Marketing @ Unip

Five years of experience in the areas of market intelligence, benchmarking, branding and research, having already worked as a trader in the financial market

Ricardo Murai

B.A in Economics @ FEA-USP

Experience in research and price analysis in the area of civil construction

Survey Research

Survey of primary data for the real estate market.

Taiane Martins

Graduate Degree studies in Consumer Sciences @ ESPM

B.A in Social Communication @ Anhembi Morumbi
Five years of experience in market research in different fields. Focus on data analysis and project management.


Bachelor of Statistics from @ UFF.

Experience in national research experience at a national scale with emphasis on statistical analysis and data processing.

Paula Barbieri 

Degree Advertising @ USJT
More than eight years working in the real estate market, in the areas of marketing, CRM and market intelligence with a focus on data analysis and research

Data & Technology

Optimization and automatization of DataZAP's and clients processes and products.

Guilherme Momesso

B.S in Information Systems @ FSA

Twelve years of experience with data intelligence, always close to the statistical modeling teams. Experience in project management.

Rogerio Scussel

B.Sin Project Management in Networks @ FIAP

Bachelor of Technology in Data Processing @ Faculdade Santana

B.S in Systems Analysis @ Faculdade Santana

Twenty years working with data management and IT Infrastructure Extensive knowledge in Cloud Computing (Amazon, Google and Microsoft) and agile methodologies (Scrum / Kanban)

Carlos Guarnelli

B.S in Systems Analysis and Development @ FIT
More than fifteen years of experience in financial markets.

Lucas Sampaio

Pursuing undergraduate studies in Computer Science @ IBTA

Worked in startups and consultancy with data engineering and development.

Bruno Mesquita

Pursuing undergraduate studies in Data Science, Big Data & BI @FIAP.