Tools to understand reasons, quantify opinions and behaviors. We offer data-driven solutions that allow one to determine or validate the ideal product, price, supply, demand and other aspects of a development.  We work with exclusive market data and professional analysis and research to promote better investment decisions.

Automated Valuation Model (AVM )

Automated Valuation Model (AVM) is a pioneering tool in Brazil which applies the most sophisticated econometric techniques and process tens of millions of properties with different characteristics to generate price estimates. Constantly improved, the AVMs have an accuracy similar to the best internationally developed models. Besides individual real estate units, the AVMs can generate price estimates for streets, neighborhoods, cities or real estate portfolios even with hundreds of millions of assets.


Market Studies

Detailed studies to support real estate projects design. Market Studies help players to define products, prices, commercial and marketing practices for new developments. These studies involve pricing estimates, supply and demand in the primary and secondary real estate market, information on future developments and sociodemographic data. Combining different data sources, Market Studies aim to support successful new real estate developments.

Survey Research

Surveys are conducted according to the client´s needs. Data collection may be done remotely, via our online database, or in person, by field researches applying tailor-made questionaires.

Financial and Economic Viability Study

The success of a real estate development requires financial and economic viability studies. DataZAP provides financial and economic vability studies based on its large datasets, on market reports and economic and sector assumptions and scenarios. These studies contribute to more accurate estimates of property values and better business decisions.

Macroeconomic and Sector Outlook

Planning and construction are time-consuming processes in the real estate business cycle. In this context, understanding the macroeconomic context and possible development scenarios are fundamental steps for good project management. DataZAP produces reports containing aspects of the macroeconomic outlook and its interaction with the real estate market. It also conducts quarterly analysis in in-person meetings to presente and debate these macro scenarios.

Risk Analysis and Return on Assets

Real estate properties comprise the larger assets class of an economy. Many organizations and individual investors manage real estate portfolios and financial instruments, thus, they constantly need to price their assets, evaluate their risk and return or compair them with other investment options. DataZAP uses analytic tools and market knowledge to guarantee the safe management of investors´ real estate and financial assets.

Special Studies

How much does a parking space in São Paulo cost? How much does it worth living 100m closer to the Ibirapuera Park? How would the real estate market react to the clean up of the Tietê River? These are complex questions that we can answer with economic, financial, statistical and computer science tools. Tailor made and in accordance with the client´s need, Special Studies provide answers to the most diverse and strategic questions in the real estate Market  for private or public entities.

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